Avon Middle School project completed $1 million under bid

Thanks to experienced electricians and other highly trained construction workers, the Avon Middle School project came in $1 million under the bid.

Avon Local School District Superintendent Michael Laub told Cleveland.com the project also finished slightly ahead of schedule.

The new 162,000-square-foot middle school will have a wing dedicated strictly to fine arts, with two art and three music rooms (band, choir and orchestra). There will also be two gymnasiums, a main and auxiliary. The school will also boast six computer labs, six science labs, a media center and a special needs room with a sensory area. In total, the facility will have house 60 classrooms.

Built to hold 1,400 students, the community passed a $32 million bond project in November 2012. It was the third attempt to pass a building levy.

Experienced electricians and installer techs, working for an Electricians Work Contractor, helped this project finish ahead up schedule and under budget.

Thanks to electricians and installers who worked efficiently, they were able to get their portion of the work finished in just over 20,000 hours. By working safely on the jobsite, they also reduced unnecessary downtime and helped the project finish ahead of schedule.

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Electricians Works helps build Lorain High School

When it comes to quality work performed safely and correctly, the Lorain City School District was willing to fight for what it wanted.

Lorain High School
Electricians Work helped the Lorain High School
project finish $4 million under budget.

The school district successfully won a court case, which allowed them to include within the construction specs language to use Electricians Work contractor and other skilled members of other trades to build the new Lorain High School.

This paid off as the project finished on time and came in six percent under budget, saving in excess of $4 million.

Highly trained and highly skilled electrical workers – electricians and installers, who earn good wages and great health and retirement benefits – put in more than 30,000 hours help build the facility that is one and half times larger than the old Lorain Admiral King High School.

By trusting the region’s top electrical workers to build their new school, the Lorain City School District understood the importance of using highly trained and highly skilled electricians and installer techs to perform high quality work. Not only did they work within a tight timeline, but they helped the project come in $4 million under budget and by performing quality work, saved the district on maintenance costs as well.

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