Electrician working on wiring ceiling control box

Residential Electricians

As new homes and major home renovation projects continue to drive the Ohio and Pennsylvania economies, some of the region’s premier contractors are looking to hire certified electricians to install and maintain the electrical systems in homes and other types of residential installations.

Commercial Electrician working on a junction in ceiling

Commercial Electricians

When it comes to commercial projects, customers want a reliable, worry-free electrical system installed. The area’s top locally owned contractors are looking to hire experienced commercial electricians to safely perform commercial electrical work.

Industrial Electrician and heavy duty cable

Industrial Electricians

When it comes to industrial projects, customers want a reliable electrical system installed that will provide their plant and processes with the correct amount of energy.

The region’s top contractors employ the most highly trained and reliable workforce in the industry, who perform work safely and correctly the first time, to ensure projects finish on time and on budget.

Telecommunications/Data cabling on main networking units

Telecommunications/Data Technicians

The region’s top contractors are in need of experienced telecommunications/data technicians to install complicated systems including video, audio, internet, intercom, telephone and alarm involving fiber optic or coaxial cable.