Charter Steel expansion relies on experienced Electrical Workers

One of the region’s growing steel companies selected an Electricians Work contractor for their expansion project.

Charter Steel is in the midst of building a new $150 million steel mill adjacent to its coil mill and steelmaking operations.

The new rolling mill, which is expected to go online in the second half of 2018, will utilize precision sizing to produce carbon and alloy steel bars for a variety of industries.

About $12 million of the overall $150 million budget will go toward the electrical work. This will provide work for about 25 industrial electricians, who are expected to work more than 100,000 man hours on this project.

All electricians working on the Charter Steel expansion project receive good hourly wages, great health and retirement benefits and free training.

This free industry leading training provides the electricians with instruction on the latest industry technology and processes to allow them to work more efficiently. Furthermore, they also receive mandatory safety training to ensure their safety on the jobsite.

If you are an industrial electrician and want to advance your career, then fill out the form on this page. An Electricians Work representative will contact you to let you know how you can earn quality wages and benefits.

U.S. Steel Trusts Electricians Work Contractors

The U. S. Steel mill in Lorain produces high-quality seamless pipe used in oil and gas exploration and production, as well as in the construction industry.

Electricians Work contractors have employed thousands of industrial electricians

over the years to provide important maintenance work at the facility, as well as critical expansion work to meet the demand of a booming economy.

Highly skilled and highly trained electricians have put in hundreds of thousands of man-hours at the plant.

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Their expertise has played a crucial role in helping expansion projects finish on time and on budget.

In a brutal environment found within a steel mill, the quality of work performed must be top-notch in order to ensure equipment functions properly and to also keep plant workers safe during their job.

Through rigorous safety training, the Electricians Work electricians help minimize unnecessary project downtime by working safely and avoiding injury. This allows contractors to competitively bid on projects, while their electricians earn good pay and great health and retirement benefits.

If you would like the opportunity to perform electrical work in a steel plant, fill out the form on this page and an Electricians Work representative will contact you with more information.