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There has never been a better time to work for one of the region’s premier electrical contractors as an industrial electrician, commercial electrician, residential electrician or a telecom installer tech. Contractors are hiring qualified electrical workers for their jobs.

As the demand for experienced electricians grows, there is plenty of work available to men and women who have the background, skillset and most importantly, want to improve the quality of their lives by advancing their career with a new job.

Start the process today and soon, you can join hundreds of other industrial electricians, commercial electricians, residential electricians or telecom installer techs who wanted to work for a contractor who:

• Paid them a good, livable wage
• Provided them with great health and retirement benefits
• Emphasized jobsite safety all projects

Fill out the form to take the first step to advance your career. Our contractors are hiring men and women for permanent full-time jobs. Find out how working for one of the area’s premier electrical contractors can change your life and help you better provide for you family.

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Make More Money!

The ultimate goal of a job is to make money to take care of you and your family. Why earn less when you can make more money? Now is the time to make the move to earn the money you deserve for your experience. The area’s premier electrical contractors pay a good, living wage to their electrical workers because they appreciate the hard work their employees put in on each job.

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Better Benefits

By working for the one of the region’s premier electrical contractors, many electricians will pay smaller health insurance premiums and deductibles because they are on a better plan, which also includes prescription drug, dental and vision coverage. You deserve good health and retirement benefits for the work you do on a daily basis.

Image of local electrician in safety gear

Unsurpassed Safety

The most important action a worker can take is to follow all safety guidelines and procedures so they can go home to their family at the end of their shift. All electricians on the jobsites of our contractors are required to follow all safety procedures and policies in order to ensure their well-being while at work.

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High-Profile Jobs

With notable projects from Akron to Cleveland and Mentor to Lorain, Electricians Work is working with contractors and a workforce that is second to none. We complete work in hospitals and skyscrapers, in schools and shopping complexes to build the areas you frequent and go to on a daily basis.